February 21, 2024

Carbice Appoints Marc Sullivan to Board of Directors

ATLANTA, GA – Carbice Corporation today announced the appointment of executive management and finance leader Marc Sullivan to its board of directors. Mr. Sullivan brings deep expertise in domestic and international management and finance, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising to the company, a deep tech leader that helps customers across aerospace & defense, industrial power & mobility, and data sectors build stronger with thermal interface material that unlocks simulation-powered design.

Carbice recently announced that it is collaborating with Blue Canyon Technologies, Inc. as a key supplier of aligned carbon nanotechnology (CNT) solutions for critical spacecraft programs. RTX’s Blue Canyon Technologies is a leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions, including nanosatellites, microsatellites, and ESPA-class satellites. This collaboration ensures that Carbice’s aligned CNT material—Carbice Space Pad™—will continue to be integrated into nearly all satellite solutions from RTX’s Blue Canyon Technologies.

“I am so pleased to join the board of directors at Carbice,” said Mr. Sullivan. “The achievements of Dr. Baratunde Cola and his team are truly inspirational. What they are building with their technology is transformational in the truest sense and will no doubt have a significant impact on the world. I am very excited to join them on this journey.”

Marc Sullivan

I am so pleased to join the Board of Directors at Carbice... What they are building with their technology is transformational in the truest sense and will no doubt have a significant impact on the world.

Marc Sullivan,
Board of Directors, Carbice

Mr. Sullivan began his career in investment banking, followed by leadership roles at private equity funds and hedge funds. He has since held multiple senior executive leadership roles at both publicly traded and privately held companies, including his current role as Chief Financial Officer at Infinity Engineered Products, a private equity backed manufacturing company with operations both in the US and abroad. He brings an extensive global perspective to the position, having lived and worked in the United States, France, South Africa, and Kenya, with experience managing projects across more than twenty countries. In addition, Mr. Sullivan earned his MBA from the Harvard School of Business and is a CFA Charterholder.

“Welcoming Marc Sullivan to the board of directors at Carbice is a high point to an already strong start to the year,” said Dr. Baratunde Cola, Carbice CEO and Founder. “Marc is well connected in the private and public investment ecosystem and will be a great addition to our team to continue to tell the exciting Carbice story as we scale the company, expand further into international markets, and develop important new business relationships. Marc adds a depth and breadth of experiences and expertise across finance and operations that will strengthen Carbice. We are so thrilled to welcome him to the team.”

Company Overview:

Based in Atlanta, GA, the Carbice Corporation provides the world’s first predictable thermal interface solution that is always consistent and simple to apply in small and large-volume manufacturing environments. Carbice is the no-compromise interface material that unlocks simulation-powered design and enables superior user experience in design, manufacturing, and sustainability. Carbice delivers the power of aligned carbon nanotubes in Carbice® Pads, which are tunable in their thermal, electrical, mechanical, and electromagnetic properties for numerous application needs and eliminate pump-out, delamination, and compression set failure modes from interfaces. Carbice solutions are designed to provide predictable interface performance for high heat dissipating systems in Aerospace & Defense (Space Systems, Airborne, Terrestrial), Industrial Power (Battery, Power Modules) and Data (Data Center). Carbice technology has set the new standard of performance for interface materials while enabling customers to achieve more cost-effective and faster-to-market solutions for critical system design.


Carbice is the material for pioneers.™

Theresa Pantazopoulos
VP, Marketing & Communications
Carbice Corporation

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