Step into the lab.

Carbice® Lab offers fast and affordable qualification. The predictability of our material in real applications unlocks unprecedented design flexibility, performance, and customer service.

Carbice SIM

Our proprietary Carbice SIM modeling software lets us simulate and forecast the performance of different configurations accurately.

  1. The simulation factors in real-life demands of the application environment.
  2. We model different Carbice Pad configurations to assess best fit.
  3. We determine which Carbice solution meets performance goals and achieves the lowest total cost of ownership.

Small Batch Production

We manufacture a small but representative amount of the material recommended by the Carbice SIM model.

  1. Base Material
    Ice Pad and Space Pad
    Advanced heat spreading
  2. Coatings
    Make/break or sliding contact
  3. Cut to spec
    Intricate outlines and patterns
    Bolt holes
    Very large area interfaces as single parts

Carbice Lab

We run the recommended Carbice material through a series of tests to qualify that the material meets your requirements and will achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.

  1. ASTM Thermal Resistance vs Load Measurement
  2. ASTM Compression vs Load Measurement
  3. Contact Paper Mapping
  4. Machine A Replica of Your Application and Measure Thermal Resistance
  5. Thermal Cycling Test
  6. Vacuum or Oven-Bake Test

Afterwards, Carbice will mass manufacture your solutions to your demand.

Our process enables customers to get exactly what they want in less time, with better, more predictable outcomes, while spending less money. 

Working with Carbice means combining efficiency and pleasure. [They are] dynamic, disruptive, and focused people – who are at the same time customer-oriented.
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