April 11, 2024

Carbice Power

The deep tech leader makes strong moves to support its investment in Industrial Power with reliable, cost-neutral thermal interface solutions and a team to scale them.

As the leading manufacturer of vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that protect electronics from heat and drive product performance, Carbice has been actively building a powerful team and developing key industry alliances in 2024. 

1. Driving product performance:
Reliable, easy to assemble, cost-neutral thermal interface solutions.

Carbice is the easy drop-in painkiller for Power applications. Currently, power modules fail and are forced to operate at reduced capacity because stenciled-on pastes and phase change materials (PCM) are difficult to apply reliably, expire and degrade during shipping and handling, and leak and dry out during operation. These problems drive up the cost of the system and reduce the product’s lifetime performance (power modules are now de-rated 20-30% for the PCM and grease to last for the life of the product – assuming no thermal or mechanical shock events which cause TIM failure to happen faster). 

With Carbice, no redesign, de-rating, or specialized tooling is necessary. Customers are now able to simply replace the existing grease, PCM, or pad with the Carbice solution, ensuring electronics last as long as they should and stay reliably cooler.

Carbice is now scaling in capacity to deliver solutions for Power as well as other key markets (to be announced), comprising an $11B total serviceable market for Carbice Ice Pad and Carbice Space Pad.

2. Expanding the team:
Welcoming Marc Sullivan to the Carbice Board of Directors

Marc Sullivan

The company recently announced the addition of Marc Sullivan to its board. As an executive management and finance leader, Mr. Sullivan brings deep expertise in domestic and international management and finance, mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising to the company. Mr. Sullivan began his career in investment banking, followed by leadership roles at private equity funds and hedge funds. He has since held multiple senior executive leadership roles at both publicly traded and privately held companies, including his current role as Chief Financial Officer at Infinity Engineered Products, a private equity backed manufacturing company with operations both in the US and abroad. 

He brings an extensive global perspective to the position, having lived and worked in the United States, France, South Africa, and Kenya, with experience managing projects across more than twenty countries. In addition, Mr. Sullivan earned his MBA from the Harvard School of Business and is a CFA Charterholder.

Said Mr. Sullivan at the time of the announcement, “I am so pleased to join the board of directors at Carbice. The achievements of Dr. Baratunde Cola and his team are truly inspirational. What they are building with their technology is transformational in the truest sense and will no doubt have a significant impact on the world. I am very excited to join them on this journey.”

3. Building key alliances:
Carbice CTO Dr. Craig Green and Power America

As a new member of PowerAmerica, Carbice has forged a key alliance with this dynamic consortium of universities, national labs, and industry leaders and experts who are driving innovation in power electronics manufacturing.

Power electronics are behind many of the key innovations that are crucial for the world’s green transition, yet temperature is a major stressor that harms critical components. During the recent PowerAmerica 2024 Annual Meeting at North Carolina State University, Carbice Chief Technology Officer and one of the world’s leading experts in nanotechnology, Craig Green, Ph.D., shared how Carbice is the new standard that protects devices from heat.

Craig Green, Ph.D. at Power America conference

Carbice Pad is an easy-to-deploy nanotechnology that addresses the high-performance requirements for inverters and batteries, minimizing the degradation of power electronic interfaces, increasing reliability and lifespan of the products, and bringing speed in design and optimization –  ultimately enabling the full potential of #GhG emission reductions for these critical systems.

Said Dr. Baratunde Cola, Carbice CEO and Founder, in a recent post: “Electronics are on land, sea, air, space, and thermal interfaces are with them EVERYWHERE and MUST be protected from heat to alleviate the decades old pain OEMs face when they have to de-rate products often.”

Carbice drives greater performance, reliability, and sustainability for this crucial transition.

4. Deepening our expertise:
Matt Smith, Ph.D., joins the Carbice team to drive global adoption in industrial power and data.

Another key strategic move for the team is the recent appointment of Matt Smith, Ph.D. as Director, Global Business Development, Industrial Power & Data. Dr. Smith brings more than 10 years of academic and industry experience to his role at Carbice, where he will be focused on accelerating Carbice’s penetration into industrial power and data markets and driving global adoption of the company’s CNT solutions across numerous applications.

Matt Smith, Ph.D.

“One of the most important and interesting aspects of industrial power is what’s happening with electrification and clean energy,” said Dr. Smith. “There is a real need for high reliability and high efficiency for products to work for a long time – and enemy #1 is heat. Since thermal is an enemy of reliability in power devices, there is a huge opportunity here to create solutions that help these products perform well and enable electrification and a cleaner grid.”

As CEO and Founder of TCPoly, a company developing advanced heat transfer materials; Fellow in the Innovation Crossroads Program at Oak Ridge National Labs; Technical Advisor on projects with the DOE, DoD, and NSF; and with a Doctorate in Materials Science & Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Smith has a deep understanding of the space and technology. “I joined Carbice because the company represents the next frontier in materials,” he shared. “Being a pioneer and bringing this type of material system to the world is exciting to me – and I am really looking forward to what we can accomplish with our partners and customers.”

I joined Carbice because the company represents the next frontier in materials. Being a pioneer and bringing this type of material system to the world is exciting to me.

Matt Smith, Ph.D.
Director, Global Business Development,
Industrial Power & Data, Carbice


Carbice is the material for pioneers.™