November 30, 2020
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The most significant advanced materials news from 2020

(An excerpt)

2020 has been one of the most turbulent years in recent history. Not a single country or industry has been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact will be felt for years to come. Despite this, there have still been some notable industrial activity and commercial progression within materials science. IDTechEx provides a round-up and highlights some of these key developments.

Funding and Expansions

Despite the difficult financial year, there have still been funding rounds completed and expansions planned; some are discussed above and there are many more that could warrant a whole article to themselves, such as Kebotix, Carbice, Nanotech Energy, and Arris Composites. NanoXplore also opened the first part of their large scale graphene powder production plant, giving a capacity of 4,000 tpa.

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